RealJade™ "Goddess of Mercy(Guan Yin) looking down upon us" Natural HeTian White Nephrite "Mutton Fat "Jade Guanyin Pendant Necklace ( High-end )

  • $1,690.00

Design Concept--- Genuine White Jade Guanyin Pendant Necklace. This pendant is made with very high-quality genuine nephrite mutton fat white jade, The jade texture is so smooth, white, and translucent. It's perfect without any flaws. The piece is spiritual, and the Guanyin looks so kind with Lotus in her hand. You can feel the Guanyin is very kind to Purdue sentient Beings. With white nephrite jade, the more white and smooth the piece looks, the more valuable they are, this piece's texture is excellent and the color is very white. The size sits at 53.8 * 46.8 mm, a relatively bigger size but is good for men or women. It's a special gift for yourself or your love.

  • Jade represents good luck, wealth, and safety.
  • Total weight: 3.21g
  • Material: Chinese He Tian Mutton Fat Jade
  • Can be strung by a nylon string necklace upon request
  • Rare item



IDEAL PRESENT: Order the RealJade jade pendant for yourself or as a thoughtful present for a friend or loved one and you can be sure to win their appreciation! Whether on their birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or other special occasions, this necklace will be a hit!

* Specifications:
Approx. TW: 39.15 g
Approx, Size: 53.8 * 46.8 mm
Approx. Thickness: 8.1 mm
Material: Genuine HeTian Nephrite Mutton Fat White Jade
Approx. Width; 46.8 mm
Style: Guanyin