RealJade™ Genuine HeTian White Nephrite Jade Double Dragon Pendant Necklace ( Carved Art & Top Quality )

  • $2,660.00

Design concept--- The dragon is a symbol of prosperity, fearlessness, and protection for a long time. This pendant combined the many good meaning of jade with that symbol. RealJade™artisans used a very high-quality white nephrite jade for the piece, you can notice the smooth, fatty like texture. Which is best on white nephrite jade. The white jade is very white like snow. The jade craftsmanship is unmatched. Every detail and every angle is fine polished. Perfect piece for your collection.

  • Jade represents good luck, wealth, and safety.
  • Material: High-quality He Tian white nephrite jade.
  • Design: Good fortune dragon
  • Perfect collector's piece


IDEAL PRESENT: Order the RealJade jade pendant for yourself or as a thoughtful present for a friend or loved one and you can be sure to win their appreciation! Whether on their birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or other special occasions, this necklace will be a hit!

* Dimension--- Approx: 54.20 mm *54.20 mm *8.23 mm

* INTRODUCTION--- This pendant made with very high-quality nephrite white jade. The white jade is very white like snow. And the white jade is very smooth and clean and clear. Some white nephrite jade is a little green or a little yellow, If you put two different quality white jade together, you can compare. and this pendant is a double dragon design. The jade carving master did a great job. Every detail and every angle look so exquisite. Perfect gift for your collection.