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Classic, Authentic Jewelry Pieces for Mom, Aunt and Grandma

Classic, Authentic Jewelry Pieces for Mom, Aunt and Grandma

| Jennifer Le

Classic, Authentic Jewelry Pieces for Mom, Aunt and Grandma

Seeing family this summer and needing to get a gift for family? A meaningful gift is more important than just a fancy dinner. When we buy a gift for our loves ones, we tend to look at the symbolism behind the item. That's why fine jewelry is cherished world wide. Jade jewelry is a precious gemstone that renews old traditions, lights new ones, and has been cherished by loved ones throughout centuries.

1. "Laughing Buddha" Genuine Green Jadeite Buddha Pendant Necklace With 14k Yellow Gold Bail

The Jadeite Jade Buddha has been worn by many throughout the world. It is long believed that wearing religious jewelry can protect us from dangers; both physical and psychological. This type of jewelry is worn by Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike. The "happy" or "laughing" buddha is believed to bring positivity and joy throughout your life. It's the perfect gift to wish a positive life to those you deeply care about.


2.  The Tong Tong Necklace, The "Lu Lu Tong" 

The Lu Lu Tong- shape of a Barrel is a direct translation simply meaning "all through roads". It is believed that whoever wears this piece is able to cross any hurdles or difficulties with ease. A perfect gift for your loved ones, wishing them success and bliss.

3. "Good Luck Birdie" 18k Rose Gold Genuine Burmese Jadeite Lucky Pendant Necklace With AA Ruby & Diamond

The jadeite pendant's style is a good luck bird standing on the lucky "Circle Of Heaven". It means prosperity, good luck, and safety. This piece is called a lucky button (kou kou). Believed to bring you good luck and abundance into your life. 


These are only a few of the meaningful pieces that would touch your loved one's hearts. We hope this article inspired you to gift a present worth loving. 

Read more on jade education and symbolism here! 


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