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Genuine High-quality Jade Jadeite Bracelet Bangle with 24k Yellow Gold Koala Bear Charm #402

  • $284.00


* Genuine High-Quality Jadeite Colorful Beads with 24k Hollow Yellow Gold Koala Bear Charms Bracelet.

* Specifications:
Material: Genuine Burmese Jadeite Jade
Approx. T W: 7- 15 g
Bracelet Size:Approx 6 - 7.5 inches
Beads size;Approx;6-7 mm
Material: 24 k yellow pure gold
Gold Charm Dimension: Approx: 13.6 mm * 10.8 mm *7.5 mm
Gold Weight:Approx: 1.23 g
Gold Charm style:Hollow
Approx Circumference: 6-7.5 in
Others Size Approx: XS 6 inches; S 6.5 inches; M 7 inches; L 7.2 inches ; XL 7.5 inches

* INTRODUCTION----- Genuine Burmese High-quality Jadeite Jade Colorful Beads with 24k Yellow Pure Gold Hollow Koala Bear Bracelet. The Bracelet 's beads size is average approx. 5.2- 5.8 mm with high-quality ice jadeite. The jadeite beads look so clean and colorful with white ice jade, green, light green,... And the bracelet made with 24k pure yellow gold's Bear charm. They are so cute. This jadeite bead bracelet consists of 20-30 natural beads ( depend on size ), untreated and undyed Type-A jadeite beads. Each jadeite bead has 5-6 mm (Approx) in diameter and is nicely strung by fine quality of elastic string. Arranging very translucent to highly translucent icy multi-color beads, makes this bracelet absolutely unique and beautiful..The beads are Very Transparency and looks very Vitreous luster. The sense of touch is cool. They are so colorful and nice in personally. Genuine Burmese Jadeite Jade. High quality, luxury yet simple style that is great for daily wear. It's a perfect gift for yourself and your love.

* JADE CULTURE---Genuine Jade has been a symbol of luck, wealth, health, and protection in many Asian cultures for a very long time. Across the world, many cultures have treasured this gemstone for centuries because it is believed to bring the wearer wealth and good fortune. Also as investments and inheritance for generations to come.

* NOTE 1---As it's natural Type-A jadeite and HANDMADE, every bead may not have exact diameter plus some natural stone lines and imperfections are expected too. Kindly check the photos carefully to ensure you have accepted those natural imperfections prior to buying.

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* Note 2**---We do our utmost taking photos to be the same as the actual item, however, the color may vary from monitor to monitor. NO enhancement of the color or NO photo editing software is used. Kindly feel free to contact us for more photos or with any questions prior to your checkout. We are always very happy to help you.

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