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RealJade® "Hand-carved lucky Pi Xiu" Lavender Jadeite Jade PiXiu Pendant Necklace ( FengShui Lucky ) JN06

  • $629.00


Design concept--- Genuine Jadeite Jade PiXiu Pendant Necklace. This pendant is made with very high-quality genuine lavender jadeite, The jadeite texture is so smooth and translucent. It's very perfect without any flaws. The handcraft is spiritual, And the main PiXiu looks very exquisite with small lavender color. About PiXiu. they say PiXiu is a lucky animal, it's the dragon's the ninth son, it's good at for money. So lots of people believe that it is "Zhao Cai Pi Xiu". This PiXiu is carving so nice, Every detail and angle is perfect. The whole piece is completely beautiful with perfect lavender color jadeite. It's a bigger size 42.68 * 23.8 mm for the collector. It's a very special gift for yourself or your love.

  • Jade represents good luck, wealth, and safety.
  • Total weight: 33.44g
  • Material: Genuine Jadeite jade
  • Chain: This piece can be strung with a nylon string necklace upon request. (FREE)

EMBRACE POSITIVE ENERGIES: The Pi Xiu, or a dragon, is a powerful protector and practitioner of Feng Shui(Chinese geomancy), has a worldwide reputation of attracting positive energies, guiding you towards a peaceful, meaningful, and kind lifestyle. This can be worn as a necklace or placed upon the bedside or in your office and encourages patience and wealth on a daily basis!

IDEAL PRESENT: Order the RealJade jade pendant for yourself or as a thoughtful present for a friend or loved one and you can be sure to win their appreciation! Whether on their birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or other special occasions, this necklace will be a hit!

* Specifications:
Approx. TW: 33.44 g
Approx, Size: 41.68 * 23.80 mm
Approx. Thickness: 17.53 mm
Material: Genuine Burmese Jadeite Lavender Jade
Approx. Width; 23.80 mm
Style: Animal " PiXiu"