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18k Rose Gold "Morning Glory" Half Bracelet Bangle with Green Imperial Jade & Diamonds

  • $2,360.00
  • $3,190.00

* DESIGN CONCEPT--- The design is inspired by the morning glory flower. Symbolizing life, prosperity, and good fortune with the jade stones. This 18k Rose Gold Genuine Jadeite Jade Bangle Bracelet is a luxury you can wear daily. This collectible fashion style bangle is made with very high-quality genuine green jadeite, The jadeite texture is translucent and absolutely amazing. It's very perfect with imperial jadeite jade, with diamonds. Every detail and angle is exquisite. The bangle is beautiful with perfect texture jadeite. It's a very special gift for yourself or your love.
  • TW: 8.74g
  • 18k Rose Gold (Au750)
  • Genuine imperial jadeite jade
  • One of a kind, the same styles are made but the stones are varied. (Yours is exactly as shown here)
  • Made with natural, rare imperial jade
* Specifications: approx.
TW: 8.74g
Jade weight: 2.54ct
Bangle Size: 54.5mm * 47mm
Width & Thickness: 13.56mm * 8.57mm
Material: 18k Rose gold & Genuine Burmese Green & Ice Jadeite Jade
Style: Oval & Open Style
Diamonds: SI H-G, Weight: 0.058ct
* Jade Culture: Genuine Jade has been a symbol of luck, wealth, health, and protection in many Asian cultures for a very long time. Across the world, many cultures have treasured this gemstone for centuries because it is believed to bring the wearer wealth and good fortune. Also as investments and inheritance for generations to come.