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RealJade® "Jade Dragon" Genuine HeTian Nephrite Green Jade Good Luck Vase Pendant Necklace With Dragon

  • $1,160.00
  • $1,650.00


Design concept--- Genuine Green Jade Dragon Pendant Necklace. This pendant is made with high-quality genuine nephrite green jade, The jade texture is very smooth and translucent. It's got natural inclusions, for example, a few black spots and natural marbling. The craftsmanship is excellent, the lines and angles are very defined. The pendant depicts a vase(宝瓶' Which literally means precious vase in Chinese and it's meant to bring safety to the wearer) with "dragon-like style accents on the sides of the necklace to enhance the dragon theme and of course a lucky dragon that sits in the middle of the vase to represent wealth and good fortune. Its size is around 16.1 inches * 1.1 inches, it's great for men or women. It's a perfect gift for yourself or your love.

  • Eexcellent Craftsmanship
  • Genuine green nephrite jade
  • Total Weight: 20.30g
  • Size: 40.9*28mm
  • Authenticity guaranteed, backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Genuine jadeite bead necklace

IDEAL PRESENT: Order the RealJade jade pendant for yourself or as a thoughtful present for a friend or loved one and you can be sure to win their appreciation! Whether on their birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or other special occasions, this necklace will be a hit!

**This pendant is made of High-Quality nephrite jade which is not treated at all with any chemical and is much more valuable than jade and its price increases every year. Due to the hand carve work and jadeite jade use each piece may vary slightly by design, size, weight, and color.

* Specifications:
Approx. TW: 20.30 g
Approx, Size: height: 40.9 * Width: 28 mm
Approx. Thickness: 5.07 mm
Material: Genuine HeTian Nephrite Green Jade
Approx. Width 28 mm
Style: Lucky dragon style vase to bring good fortune and safety.